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Positive Reinforcement ABA serving military families and moreAbout Us

At Positive Reinforcement ABA Therapy Inc., we provide intensive one-on-one therapy sessions to treat the signs & symptoms of Autism. Our therapists create family-focused learning experiences for each child in their home. They also coordinate community assistance, school consultations, and other supports to help each child use new skills in social situations.

Our Therapy Model

The THERAPY MODEL we use to help children with autism is

Applied Behavior Analysis

This involves studying how a child reacts to his or her environment. We then create outcomes that lead to preferred behaviors. LEARNING occurs when a child with autism displays a preferred behavior.

Each Program is Unique

The programs chosen for each child are tailored to his/her unique needs. Some will include mostly PLAY SKILLS, whereas others will focus on ACADEMICS or SOCIAL SKILLS. Some Students will spend time doing homework. Other students pay practice going to the grocery store or other social outings.

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What Is An ABA Program Like?

A typical ABA program consists of intensive one-on-one teaching on a year round basis for two or more years. Teaching may be done by families, by professionals, or by volunteers guided by an ABA Therapist. Teaching usually begins in the child’s home, but may also be used at school.

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Early ABA Intervention

The majority of young children with autism respond well to early intensive ABA intervention. Earlier gains can then magnify later progress.

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Is ABA Effective for Older Children?

ABA techniques are also effective for building important life skills in teens and adults with autism. ABA techniques can help individuals transition successfully into independent living and employment.