ABA Program

Our ABA Program

At Positive Reinforcement Applied Behavior Analysis, Inc., we use applied behavior analysis techniques in order to teach children with autism through intensive one-on-one therapy sessions.

Our ABA therapists use reinforcement and other behavior modification techniques during the sessions to slowly shape a child’s behavior. Specific goals are chosen based on the child’s individual problems and disorder. Children with autism often exhibit behaviors such as an unwillingness to make eye contact and engage with others. A reduction in these behaviors is often the first intervention goal.

Boy Smiling with Teddybear

After these behavior problems are improved, the intervention can shift to dealing with other aspects of autism, such as improving communication. Goals are set and progress is continuously monitored and evaluated. We also use various methods to be sure the sessions are enjoyable for each child.

We use various prompts to help the child make progress towards a preferred behavior. Those prompts may include physically guiding a child, teaching imitation or modeling preferred behaviors. The key is to discover which prompt the child learns from best. Over time, the goal is to fade out the use of the prompt after the child has mastered the new behavior. New behavior skills are not considered “mastered” until they can be performed in a real world setting. Our hope is that, with time, the child will be able to manage him/herself in day-to-day life.